This course is prepared for the masters who want to upgrade one’s qualification in lash lamination.
This video is a demonstration of lash lamination procedure on a model.
Duration of the video 59:07.
Access to the video during 30 days.
Unlimited viewings during 30 days.
Video is accessible from any device; all you need is internet connection.

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Important: All of the materials are an intellectual property of Sofja Smatko.
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This video includes detailed comments on each step of the procedure.
Preliminary steps:

  1. Clients’ eyes and lash analysis:
    1. Step. Cleaning of the lashes and skin around the eyes.
    2. Step. The positioning of the eyes.
    3. Step. The depth of the eyes.
    4. Step. The direction of the vertical axis of the eye.
    5. Step. Upper arch of the eye.
    6. Step. Growth direction and lash rows.
  2. Selecting shields.
  3. Shields’ application methods.
  4. Solutions application.
  5. Steps of the procedure:
    1. Client’s preparation.
    2. Additional cleaning of lashes and skin around the eyes.
    3. Lower eyelid stretch method for a uniform colouring of lower lashes.
    4. Isolation of lower lashes with a patch.
    5. Selecting a shield’s size.
    6. Lifting of an upper eyelid with a tape.
    7. Application of the paper tape on the upper eyelid.
    8. Isolation of upper lashes.
    9. How to maintain symmetry during shields application.
    10. Shields’ application.
    11. Steps for lash stretch and layout. How to keep a symmetrical direction.
    12. Application of Form 1 solution. How to control the working process of the solution and not to over-expose.
    13. Removing the solution with a brush.
    14. Application of Fix 2 solution.
    15. Colouring.
    16. Cleaning the lashes with Filler 3. Creation of a memory code.
    17. Cleaning the eyelid skin. Application of Fashion Lash conditioner.

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