InLei® Developer Cream 1.5% 5vol


Is a stable oxidizer emulsion designed to work in combination with InLei® Tintura

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100% Made in Italy
For professional use only
Standardized content in 5 volumes (5vol -1,5%) guarantees a stable and uniform result during dyeing and is maximally delicate to the lash and brow hair.

Due to its special texture, it allows for quick blending with cream dye IN LEI® and easy application to the hair. Color intensity depends fully on a natural hair thickness and color. The lighter is the hair; more intense will be the color.Moreover, by playing with oxidant quantity you can get lighter or darker shades. InLei® colorants are mixed with InLei® Developer Cream 1,5% 5vol in 1:1 proportion, but a bit more of an oxidant will give us more dilute content that will lead to lighter shades and vice versa. IN LEI® oxidant does not change pH colorants, resulting in intense and deep color very delicately affecting the hair structure.

For professional use only. The dye includes resorcinol. Before usage please read carefully and follow the instructions. It is not recommended to use the dye on the girls that have not reached age 16. Temporary black henna tattoos increase risks of allergic reactions. Do not dye the lashes if: there are facial skin irritations or if head skin is very sensitive, irritated or damaged; you previously had negative reactions to hair and lash coloration; in the past you had reactions to black henna tattoos. In case product gets into the eyes immediately rinse with water. Wear protective gloves.

For some people the product can cause severe skin inflation. Therefore, it is recommended to do the sensitivity test 48 hours before every application. It is necessary to remove earrings if there are any. Thoroughly clean square centimeter of skin treated or in ulnar notch with soap or alcohol. Apply a small amount of InLei® Tintura + InLei® Developer Cream 1.5% 5vol. mixture and wait until fully dried. After 48 hours, thoroughly rinse with warm water. This test is a very important precautionary measure. Absence of any evident symptoms does not exclude the fact of product’s allergic reaction during further applications. In case of irritation, itch or redness immediately rinse the product and do not use it.

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