InLei® Eyebrow tweezer


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beveled eyebrow tweezers.

Professional eyebrow tweezers 100% made in Italy, made of high-quality stainless steel of European origin. It can be easily sterilized in an autoclave without losing its appearance and properties.
Provides accurate hair capture at the first attempt, does not tear or cut the hair.
Precise adjustment of closing and opening, optimal elasticity.
Selection of the highest quality steel in the production of tweezers in combination with manual sharpening and individual control over the quality of each manufactured tool.

The production of InLei® tweezers includes 15 different processing steps, most of which are performed manually. To be more precise, each tweezer is manually sharpened by a master on manual device.

At the final stage of the creation process, we monitor the grip and quality of each tweezer.
It is the processing that we attach special attention to, because even the highest quality materials fail to give the proper effect without appropriate processing.
The end of the tweezers is optimally measured: it is not too thin or sharp (so as not to pinch the skin), while not too thick so that even fluffy hairs can be easily captured.

Length: 95 mm.
Hardness: Medium
Accuracy: maximum
Composition: stainless steel of European origin
Made in Italy

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