InLei® One S


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100% made in Italy
For professional use only
These shields offer a curl similar to the popular D curl in eyelash extensions. They give customers a dolly curl. This is a more pronounced curl, for lovers of stand-out and very curved eyelashes.
Silicone Platinico (one of a kind) is autoclaved, i.e. given type of silicone can be exposed to a heat processing under high pressure.

What do they consist of?
It is a special silicone that can be put into dry-heat oven, autoclave, does not cause allergies since it is made of the same material children’s toys are made.

All indispensable products have been tested in the research center in Milan:
Challenge Test1
Irritation Test
And other tests to discover pathogenic agents:
Candida Albicans Research
Escherichia Coli Research
Pseudomonas Aeruginosa Research
Staphylococcus Aureus Research

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