InLei® Eyebrow tweezer


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“Crab” eyebrow tweezers with a pointed atraumatic end.

High-quality tweezers from STAINLESS STEEL, with a thin tip of the “crab” shape – ideal for fine work with eyebrows and correction of single hairs.

Unique shape, designed for the maximum level of comfort of the eyebrow master.
100% made in Italy
Provides exceptional accuracy
Great for thinning eyebrows and creating a shape
Subject to all types of sterilization
Length: 95 mm – fits perfectly in the palm of your hand

The tips of the “crab” are ideal for thinning eyebrows, for removing “crusts” and ingrown hairs, for marking the bottom line when correcting the shape.

We tested several prototypes – and found the perfect shape, created in the smallest detail to capture both the thinnest and thickest hairs, from the longest to the shortest.
Perfectly smooth tips greatly simplify the cleaning of the tweezers. They help to get exactly to those hairs that ordinary tweezers will not reach because of the too wide capture area.

Super lightweight yet durable, with a secure and anti-slip grip. These tweezers 100% made in Italy, having gone through all the stages of painstaking work, including manual sharpening of the tips, which guarantees a reliable and accurate grip. The highest quality material: STAINLESS STEEL AISI 430, resistant to sterilization (in compliance with standard sterilization criteria for stainless steel).

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