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    1. These terms and conditions govern the legal relationship between Armapro OÜ, registrikood 10245895, Narva mnt. 7A-208, Tallinn (Hereinafter referred to as the Seller), and the person who made the purchase (Hereinafter referred to as the Buyer), induced by buying or selling InLei products in the sales platform (Hereinafter referred to as the e-shop).
    2. In addition to these terms, the legal relationships induced by marketing products via the e-shop are governed by the laws of the Republic of Estonia.
    3. he seller can change the terms of use of the e-shop and the prices of the products and services. Changes are announced in the e-shop environment. The transactions are subject to current terms and conditions.
  2. PRICE
    1. The prices of the products are shown on the product page in Euros and include the currently applicable VAT of 20% of the Republic of Estonia.
    2. The prices of the products shall be accompanied by a delivery charge corresponding to the delivery method chosen by the buyer during the completion of the order. Delivery method is selected and the shipping fee is calculated in the online shopping cart.
    3. If the buyer has a discount code, the discount is calculated after entering the discount code in the shopping cart.
    1. The buyer adds the product to the cart after selecting the product using the “Add to Cart” button.
    2. The buyer can change quantities and remove items from the shopping cart until paying for the product.
    3. The order is deemed finalized after receiving the payment.
    4. The notification about the order confirmation is sent to the buyers’s e-mail address by the seller.
    5.  In an unlikely event that the ordered product is out of stock, the seller shall cancel the order. The order can be canceled in part or in full. The buyer is immediately informed of the cancellation of an order. In case of partial cancellation, the seller requests the buyers preferences for processing the rest of the order – whether it is to be postponed or canceled.
    1. The buyer will pay 100% in advance for purchases made in the online platform (e-shop).
    2. After the order has been submitted and paid, the buyer will be sent an order confirmation by e-mail.
    3.  Products are delivered via the postal services provided by Itella SmartPost OÜ.
    4. Delivery of the product to the buyer depends on the postal services. Estimated arrival times are:
      • In Estonia: 1-3 working days
      • To Helsinki within 1-3 working days
      • elsewhere in Finland within 3-5 working days
    5. No deliveries by the seller are made on weekends and local holidays, the delivery time during these periods may be longer than usual.
    1. The Customer can withdraw from the transaction within 14 calendar days, by submitting a withdrawal declaration by e-mail to
    2. The seller will confirm the withdrawal declaration of the buyer with an e-mail notification.
    3. The buyer is obliged to return the product within 14 calendar days after the submission of the withdrawal declaration. The period of withdrawal shall be calculated from the day the buyer or a third party named by the buyer, who is not the courier, is in the possession of the product. If the order consists of more than one product, the deadline for withdrawal is calculated from the arrival date of the last package to the buyer.
    4. In case of withdrawal, the Seller returns the funds paid to the buyer, including the delivery fee, by transferring the corresponding amount to the buyer’s bank account no later than 14 days after receiving the product or proof of return from the buyer.
    5. The buyer will bear all direct costs related to the return of the product, unless the product to be returned was not the product ordered.
    1. In case of product non-compliance or defects, the buyer has the right to request product repair, replacement with a compliant and defectless product, or return of product at the expense of the seller.
    2. Any disagreements between buyer and the seller will be solved through negotiations. If an agreement is not reached, the buyer may seek protection for their rights from the Consumer Claims Commission via the Consumer Protection Board. Any disputes will be settled according to the laws of the Republic of Estonia. The buyer’s complaint to the Commission is free of charge.
    3. In case of a disagreement between the buyer and the seller regarding non-compliances or defects in the product, the buyer has the right to address their claims to the seller, indicating their name and contact details, the date of filing the complaint, the non-compliance or defect of a product mentioned in the complaint filed and the buyer’s preferred solution. This must be done in reproducible form or in writing (e-mail). The seller replies to the Client’s complaint in a reproducible form or in writing (e-mail) within 14 days. If the buyer has any complaints about the online store, they must be sent by e-mail to or call +372 5555 1082
    1. Data regarding the buyer and their orders, stored in the e-shop ordering environment, is handled as confidential information. The seller will not disclose any information received to third parties, except in cases provided by the law.
    2. The e-shop sends newsletters and offers to the buyer’s e-mail address only if the buyer has expressed a wish to receive them by entering their e-mail address to the website and expressed their wish to receive direct mail notifications.
    3. The buyer can cancel the offers and newsletters sent to their e-mail at any time by sending the seller an e-mail or by following the instructions in the e-mails received previously.

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