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The production on Italian territory was a winning choice for guaranteeing quality and excellence of Made in Italy and ensuring the output in the short term with fast and punctual deliveries.

The InLei® brand is synonymous with high quality and reliability. We want our products to be a certainty, a firm point for professionals.

We reinvented the collaboration between researchers and eyelashes/eyebrows stylists, bringing together these two worlds that seemed so far apart from one another. The common aim is to realize the market’s specific needs and go beyond the limits found.

Our company is deeply committed to the research and development of new chemical formulations, maintaining the high quality of the raw materials.

Every customer is significant to us. We want to satisfy every need and point at the highest commercial standards with a guarantee of competence and assistance.

We work in a serene environment, in harmony and with the highest collaboration between us. That’s fundamental to obtain a quality result. Every stage of work is constantly monitored, from the choice of raw materials to the packaging of the order.

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