InLei® Mousse Avena


Inovational product for make up removal, cleaning and caring after natural and extension lashes

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100% made in Italy
Inovational mousse formula developed for all skin types accurately cleans and removes make up from the whole face eliminating grease from the lash and brow hair.
Oats with strengthening and neutering effect on hair
Without oil – ideal for lash extension
Active ingredient from the oats strengthens hair fiber making it silky and soft, in the same time neutering and moisturizing facial skin. Delicate effect of oat components prevents ageing, strengthens structure of epithelial tissue and every lash and brow hair. Averts dye washing off.

Daily use is recommended
In order to maintain healthy natural lashes and brows after InLei® Lash Filler procedure. Protects filler and dye from washing out; when wearing extension lashes specific OIL FREE formula prolongs glue work.

Avoid getting directly into the eyes. Thoroughly rinse after using. Keep out of reach of children

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