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Steel tool tray

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Stainless steel tray. Designed for storing or disinfecting tools. Equipped with convenient grooves that prevent the tool from slipping, protecting them from accidental falls.
The deepest part of the tray is suitable for immersion of silicone brushes, curlers or patches in a disinfectant liquid.
The tray is easy to clean with running water, resistant to oxidation and rust.

How to use:
Put the tools and accessories necessary for the procedure onto the tray.
After the procedure, pour liquid disinfectant into the recess at the base of the tray for disinfection.
Try to completely immerse curlers or other tools in the liquid.
Leave them on for a while according to the instructions on the disinfectant. Then thoroughly rinse and dry the tools.

Overall dimensions: 200mm x 97mm x10mm
Material: stainless steel

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