InLei® F-Plus


Liquid sanitiser for tools and silicone curlers

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In a single treatment, this detergent cleans and sanitises instruments used to apply eyelashes or Lash Filler treatment. Specially designed to clean and sanitise InLei® silicone curlers after each treatment. It can be used for metal instruments such as tweezers, multi-functional instruments and plastic items.

100% Made in Italy
Ideal for silicone curlers InLei®
Double function: cleans and sanitizes
Practical 500 ml bottle with flip top cap

How to use:
Fully immerse the instruments and/or silicone curlers to be sanitised in the InLei® F-Plus solution for 5 to 20 minutes. Rinse and dry with a cloth or disposable towel.

Bactericidal effect = 5 minutes
Fungicide effect = 20 minutes
Virucidal effect = 30 minutes
Sporicidal effect = 30 minutes

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5% non-ionic surfactants, Didecyldimonium chloride

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