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The courses are held in a study room of total area of 60 square meters. The study room has tables, chairs, whiteboard, TV, disposable slippers, pen and workbook.

For practicing special lightning is used (LED ring lamp), work table, chairs, beds, UV sterilisation, heat waver, disinfecting products, disposable tools (cotton discs, Q-tips, gel patches, tissues, brushes), tweezers, lash lamination products: shields, Form1 Fix2 and Filler3 solutions, S-shape brush, glue, saline pre-treatment, make-up removal mousse.

To register for the course prepayment of 100 EUR shall be made. In case of not showing up or cancellation later than 5 days before the course start the deposit is not refunded.

At the end of the course a student receives a feedback form (questionnaire). All of the answers are later evaluated. As a result of the feedback, we can make our courses even better and more effective.

Additional information

Once a year we update our study materials, macro research, photos, and videos to present the newest information to our students during the course. Information is updated on paper and video.

All our trainers have completed necessary courses and once a year improve their professional skills to be up-to-date with all of the changes in the given industry. Trainers shall be actively participating in educational sphere and have necessary training and experience that they can prove. After receiving a feedback from a student, study department analyses the results of the course and student’s comments and implement necessary changes for the trainer.

Once a year we conduct an overview of the educational environment, where we evaluate the study environment and equipment against professional requirements. Since we have high professional knowledge in this specialized are we deal with product improvement every day, therefore we re-organize the study environment in accordance with requirements and innovations.

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